Puma Evospeed 1.4 SL Football Boot Only Has Weighs Of 203 G

If you could think of one 103 g object, the most commonly things that will appear into your mind should be a little apple, a piece of bread, two eggs or others. But, how do you think that the newly Cheap Puma football boots own the weight 103g? Today, the editor from famous sale soccer shoes online seller SoccerMart will introduce with you this new football shoe.

The ancient troops usually chasing speed during the war. It is also the same principle in modern football pitch. Under the same physical conditions being equal, how do you become more quickly than other players? The answer is the high performance of your football boots. That is why those football shoes manufacturers promote their football technologies continuously.

Light and flexible seems to be the current consensus of football shoe brands. For Puma, it is also the same trend. Just after Nike and Adidas launched the first version of 3D camouflage color shoes, the Puma also released its evoSPEED 1.4 SL which could be regarded as one of the lightest football boot in the history of Puma soccer shoes.

This shoe only has the weighs of 103 grams and this should be the excellent light football shoe during the football ball history. While 103 grams of weight could not beyond the 99 grams of buy cheap cleats, this performance also let those football superstars, including Aguero, Falcao and Royce and many other, become shocked.

Aguero, who is the top scorer of Premier League, said:” The light weighs of this new ball boot already shocked each of my teammate and me. When I first received this should, I have the thought that the she box is empty!”

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